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Le Cache Wine Cabinet - Loft 2400, Wine Cabinet Built In #2334

Le Cache Wine Cabinet - Loft 2400, Wine Cabinet Built In (P/N 2334). Designed to be built-in, this wine cabinet is perfect for sophisticated wine collectors seeking simplicity and style and is ideally suited for modern dwellings. The tinted double-paned glass door is framed to showcase fine wine collections in their entirety. Sealed seams and premium insulation provide maximum thermal protection while our all-wood Universal racking easily accommodates large-format wine bottles. The door can be hinged on either side, and is available in a choice of black matte or brushed aluminum finishes. The door pull also is available in a choice of black matte or brushed aluminum finishes.

This wine cabinet includes our front-vent hood and grill, and is designed to be built-in. We recommend the CellarPro 1800XT cooling unit with this wine cabinet.

  • Capacity: 286 Bottles
    - Double-Deep storage
    - Racked Slots: 256 Bottles (3 3/4-inch slots)
    - Bulk Space: approximately 30 Bottles (stacked)

  • Sizing: noinfofound

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Price: $5,299.00

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NOW EVEN QUIETER! Designed to be built in, this wine cabinet is perfect for sophisticated wine collectors seeking simplicity and style, and ideally suited for modern dwellings.

  • Aluminum door
  • Double-pane tinted glass
  • Black laminate exterior
  • Foil-backed polyisocyanurate insulation
  • CellarPro wine cooling unit (made in USA)
  • All-wood Interlock racks
  • Five-year warranty on the cooling system
  • Two-year warranty on entire cabinet


When installing a built-in wine cabinet with our front-vent hood, we recommend our 1800XT cooling unit, which has the highest airflow to ensure maximum performance.


The cooling unit plugs into a standard wall outlet, and the outlet should be on a dedicated circuit. The components of the cooling unit draw 3 amps, and the electric outlet on the side of the cooling unit also is rated for 3 amps. The cord extends 6 1/2 feet from the back of the cabinet. If an extension cord is used, it should be 14-gauge wire or thicker, grounded, and as short as possible. We recommend using a surge protector rated at 15 amps or more. Under no circumstances should the wine cabinet share a circuit with another motor or compressor-based appliance, like a wine cooler, fridge or air conditioner.

Because of the significant weight of your wine cabinet, it is important that it be placed on a hard surface, otherwise the cabinet may become skewed if the doors settle unevenly over time. If you will be placing your cabinet on thick carpeting, consider placing a carpet board underneath the wine cabinet. You can purchase a carpet board from Le Cache, or you can have your local hardware store cut a 3/4 inch plywood board to the following dimensions: 26.5w x 25d

The doors of our wine cabinets swing "wide" by approximately 1 inch when open at 90 degrees. The additional width should be accounted for when purchasing cabinets that do not have moldings, because the stated widths of our wine cabinets do not account for the door swing. Please note that the additional width is required in front of the cabinet.

After loading your wine cabinet with wine bottles, it will be extremely heavy. When selecting a location for your cabinet, make sure that the floor underneath is strong enough to support the weight of the cabinet.

CellarPro cooling units are designed to handle temperatures ranging from 50 to 95F.

The cooling unit generates hot air that, when combined with our front-vent hood, will be exhausted from the front of the wine cabinet

Our built-in configuration enables the placement of the wine cabinet flush against the wall in an enclosed space, closet or alcove, provided that at least 1 1/2 inches of clearance exists above the wine cabinet and hood for removal of the hood and the air filter.



Bottle Capacity
Model Rows Columns Racked Bulk Total
1400 14 6 160 12 172
2400 16 8 256 30 286
3100 16 10 320 48 368
3800 17 12 408 50 458
5200 17 16 544 78 622
Credenza - Contemporary 8
93 22 115
Credenza - Euro & Mission 7
150 30 180

Please note:
(1) We count the top of the racks as 1 row when counting rows in our racks.
(2) Every slot in the racks is 3 3/4" and sized to fit oversized Burgundy and most Champagne-size bottles.
(3) Bulk storage is located atop the racks (except for the first row atop the racks). Bulk storage capacity is based on Bordeaux-size bottles.
(4) Total capacity is the sum of racked plus bulk capacity, with double-deep storage in all cases except the Contemporary Credenza (which is single-deep). Usable capacity may be lower by 2-3 bottles when the first few cells under the cooling unit are left empty for proper air circulation.

Does a built-in cabinet require space above or behind the cabinet?

Built-in cabinets using our front-vent hoods do not require space behind or to the sides of the cabinet. Above the cabinet, with the front-vent hood installed, an additional 1 1/2 inches of space is required to remove the front-vent hood so that the cooling unit condenser coils can be cleaned periodically, or the filter replaced. Click on our placement requirements tab for more information.

Does the unit really need a dedicated circuit?

A: Yes, our units require dedicated circuits. When we say "dedicated circuit", we mean that the circuit shouldn't have any items that require heavy draws of electricity - eg other appliances, vacuum cleaners, big-screen TVs, blow-dryers - on the same circuit as the cooling unit. Lighting, computers or other low-draw items shouldn't be a problem on the same circuit.

Do I need the condensate drain line?

A: You don't need the drain line because our wine cabinets are constructed to be airtight when the doors are closed, and the cooling unit has a drain pan to catch excess condensation, which is burned off as the cooling unit runs.

Why does the fan run without the compressor?

A: We've programmed our fans to stay "on" for 3 minutes after the compressor turns "off", and then every 15 minutes thereafter , to recirculate moisture inside the cabinet. This fan cycle is extremely energy efficient, and increases the humidity inside the cabinet.

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The experience of buying from Le Cache was excellent from ordering up to having my wine cabinet delivered. It is a first class wine cabinet. I would highly recommend Le Cache cabinets and cooling systems to any one that enjoys storing good wines.

Fred C.

The Woodlands, TX


Very Inconvenient For Me

1) the product was not ready within the time frame advertised. It took an additional two weeks which created a problem for me because I specifically traveled from overseas to install the cabinet. 2) upon initial attempt to deliver the cabinet your delivery agents said it was not possible and took the unit away. It was only after I was able to arrange for my brother to be on site for the second delivery attempt did it succeed. Although the crew were very helpful during the second visit, I still cannot understand why they were not able to bring the unit onto the elevator / apartment on the first try. It was very inconvenient for me.

Robert L.

Outremont, QC