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The Model 2400 is our most popular size wine cabinet, with beautiful Venetian arch windows and space-saving double-door design.

Total Capacity: 286 bottles
Size: 39w x 29d x 82h (in)


Le Cache Model 2400 Wine Cabinet Provincial Cherry (P/N 736). Featuring total storage of 286 bottles, including racked storage for 256 bottles and bulk storage for 30 bottles, our 2400 Series wine cabinets are sized for today's living spaces. Purchase Price per Bottle: $20

Le Cache wine cabinets maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions for long term storage and aging of fine wines. Wine cabinets are different than wine coolers and refrigerators, which don't don't manage humidity conditions and therefore aren't recommended for long term storage of wine.

Design: Clean, contemporary design blends equally well with modern, Craftsman, Deco or Asian decors. Hardwood doors and gently arched windows showcase fine wine collections.

Construction: Sealed seams, premium insulation and tinted double-paned glass provide thermal and UV protection

Refrigeration: Advanced CellarPro cooling units provide digital temperature and humidity control.


  • Premium Cherry wood veneer
  • Hardwood door and furniture trim
  • Stainless bar pull and security lock
  • Double-pane tinted glass
  • Foil-backed polyisocyanurate insulation
  • CellarPro energy-efficient cooling unit (made in USA)
  • Electronic Thermostat and Digital Display
  • Adjustable Humidity Control
  • Energy-Saver and Quick-Chill Modes
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • SB/0™ Technology - Flush against the Wall
  • Top-vent exhaust
  • High Performance Air Filtration System
  • All-wood Interlock racks
  • Universal racking fits oversized bottles
  • Low-heat interior LED light
  • Optional bottle probe
  • 5-year warranty on the cooling system
  • 2-year warranty on entire cabinet
  • Optional Extended Warranty
  • In-stock items ship within 5-7 days


All wine cabinets from Le Cache come with a choice of 3 energy-efficient CellarPro cooling units included in the price of the wine cabinet. The 3 CellarPro cooling units are dimensionally sized exactly alike, and therefore they are interchangeable. However, the 3 cooling units differ in terms of their BTUH cooling output and the level of noise that they produce. Each of the 3 cooling units is discussed below.

For more information about sizing the best cooling unit for your cabinet, refer to our Cooling Unit Buying Guide for Wine Cabinets.

The 1800QTL-ECX is our quietest cooling unit, and is designed exclusively for residential use in a temperature-controlled environment. The 1800QTL-ECX is appropriate for all credenzas, Model 1400 and Model 2400 wine cabinets. It also can be used in larger Model 3100, Model 3800 and Model 5200 wine cabinets, provided that the desired cellar temperature is closer to 60F than 55F.

This unit should not be used in ducted applications, or paired with our front duct hood.

Key Stats: 1065 BTUH at 55F, 41 dbA installed in a cabinet.

The 1800QT-ECX cooling unit is approximately 30% more powerful and 4 decibels louder than The 1800QTL-ECX cooling unit. It is designed for residential use in a temperature-controlled environment. The 1800QT-ECX easily can maintain 55F in our largest wine cabinets.

This unit can be used with our front duct hood.

Key Stats: 1380 BTUH at 55F, 45 dbA installed in a cabinet.

The 1800XT-ECX is approximately 5% more powerful and 3 decibels louder than The 1800QT-ECX cooling unit, because it uses more powerful fans. As a result, The 1800XT-ECX is ideally suited for garage environments (with temperatures ranging from 40F to 95F), commercial environments (where the cellar is frequently accessed) and installations with our front-duct hood..

Key Stats: 1456 BTUH at 55F, 48 dbA installed in a cabinet.

1800XTS-ECX cooling units, approximately 30% more powerful than 1800XT-ECX cooling units, also can be used inside Le Cache wine cabinets for an additional charge. Please call us at 707.794.8000 for more information and/or to order.

Specs & Resources

Brand: Le Cache

UPC: 077757007361

Size: 39w x 29d x 82h (in)

Weight: 385 lbs

115V AC / 60 Hz
Running / Startup Amps (compressor)
- CellarPro 1800QTL-ECX: 2.4 Amps / 14.2 Amps
- CellarPro 1800QT-ECX: 2.9 Amps / 20.1 Amps
- CellarPro 1800XT-ECX: 3.0 Amps / 20.1 Amps
Thermal Load Calculations

Capacity: 286 bottles
Double Deep storage
Racked Slots: 256 bottles (3.8 inch slots)
Bulk Space: approximately 30 bottles (stacked)

Material: Cherry

2 Years (Cabinet) / 5 Years (Cooling Unit)
Optional Extended Warranty

Click on one of the following links for more information: Watch Product Video

Bottle Capacity

Bottle Capacity
Credenza - Contemporary8
Credenza - Euro & Mission7

Please note:
(1) We count the top of the racks as 1 row when counting rows in our racks.
(2) Every slot in the racks is 3 3/4" and sized to fit oversized Burgundy and most Champagne-size bottles.
(3) Bulk storage is located atop the racks (except for the first row atop the racks). Bulk storage capacity is based on Bordeaux-size bottles.
(4) Total capacity is the sum of racked plus bulk capacity, with double-deep storage in all cases except the Contemporary Credenza (which is single-deep). Usable capacity may be lower by 2-3 bottles when the first few cells under the cooling unit are left empty for proper air circulation.


How do I choose between top intake versus rear intake?

Top intake will allow you to place your wine cabinet flush against the wall; however, in order to operate properly, a cabinet with top intake MUST have sufficient clearance ABOVE the cabinet. If sufficient clearance does not exist, rear intake should be selected, and 3-4 inches of clearance must be provided BEHIND the wine cabinet. Regardless, the sides of the cabinet always need to be open - in other words, placement in an enclosed space, alcove or closet will not work unless our front-vent hood is used. Click on our placement requirements tab for more information.

Does the unit really need a dedicated circuit?

A: Yes, our units require dedicated circuits. When we say "dedicated circuit", we mean that the circuit shouldn't have any items that require heavy draws of electricity - eg other appliances, vacuum cleaners, big-screen TVs, blow-dryers - on the same circuit as the cooling unit. Lighting, computers or other low-draw items shouldn't be a problem on the same circuit.

Do I need the condensate drain line?

A: You don't need the drain line because our wine cabinets are constructed to be airtight when the doors are closed, and the cooling unit has a drain pan to catch excess condensation, which is burned off as the cooling unit runs.

Why does the fan run without the compressor?

A: We've programmed our fans to stay "on" for 3 minutes after the compressor turns "off", and then every 15 minutes thereafter , to recirculate moisture inside the cabinet. This fan cycle is extremely energy efficient, and increases the humidity inside the cabinet.


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Beautiful and quiet


Cabinet is very sturdy and is a beautiful piece of furniture on its own. Racks are wide enough to hold all standard sizes of bottles. I only have a couple of bottles that are too tall to double up. 1800QTL cooling unit is very quiet.

Wonderful quality, look and finish


I am quite stunned at the quality, fit and finish of this piece of "furniture" It is built to last a lifetime and will surprise anyone who hears that it was less that $5k delivered!! I have had a succession of cheap store wine fridges that look cheap and only last 1-2 years, I finally did a lot of research and concluded that there i still a lot of poor quality even in the $3k-$4k range for this size. But then there is Le Cache.............

It is great!


When people see our newly remodeled family/entertainment room, do they comment on the new TV, the new wood flooring, the crown molding or the paint job? No, all they see is the wine cabinet. It is great!

Quality, Style and Convenience


After much searching and researching I can tell you that discovering and choosing a Le Cache wine cabinet was well worth the effort. I wanted quality, style and convienence; I got them all and then some. This cabinet is above and beyond in quality, quiet operation and delivers fabulous storage that is designed very well. This is my answer to having a wine cellar without the actual cellar, and the finish is high end furniture grade. Thank you Le Cache for offering such a lovely alternative to the industrial, kitchen look so my room maintains it's rich feeling. My friends and family feel special everytime they share in the contents! This was a purchase where I feel I received true value for my dollar. I must add that the LED lighting is soft and lovely and worth the upgrade. The communication from the company was outstanding and I would highly recommend them and purchase from them again.  

Extremely Pleased


We recently purchased a Le Cache Model 2400 cabinet and are extremely pleased with the looks and performance. We have had many compliments on the unit, and it looks like a piece of furniture rather than a refrigerator. Excellent customer service, delivery, and installation.

A Joy to "Fill Up"


I've had my Le Cache cabinet now for almost a year and it has been a joy to "fill up".  Great for storing cigars and "temporary hiding place for flowers for my wife".  I actually wanted a "garage style" wine cabinet in the smaller size since I have the unit in the back section of our basement - which is a shame since the cabinet is so beatiful.  Otherwise, the website is far better than your competition and it made it easy for me to compare feature functions.  Very educational as well for a "newbie".  Delivery was a bit tricky due to the enormous size of the cabinet and having to take it down the external steps - made it by inches.  Information related to the size of the entrance needed would be very helpful.



Cellar arrived in perfect condition. Great customer service to match my cellar to other kitchen cabinets.

"Good stuff"


All the "good stuff" is standard with Le Cache. and not add-ons. Thank goodness for your customer service. They put me at ease through a harried delivery.

Outstanding product


Outstanding product.

Product craftsmanship


Bruce. Ben & Keith bring the word 'pride' back to company ownership and product craftsmanship.

Beautiful workmanship


Beautiful workmanship on the cellar.




Outstanding customer service


Outstanding customer service and a quality product - racking that holds large bottles too!!

Delighted with the quality


It is always hard to buy something online without being able to see the product. I was delighted with the quality of my wine cabinet when it was delivered.

Service was outstanding


The service was outstanding. Le Cache coordinated everything with the dealer and the shipper and it all was processed. shipped and set up seamlessly.

Really enjoying our wine cabinet!


Really enjoying our wine cabinet!

We are extremely pleased!


We are extremely pleased!

Love the cabinet


My wife and I love the cabinet.  We debated on where to place it, but in the end settled on my office.  I was impressed with how the cabinet was packed for shipping.  When placed, I didn’t even have to adjust the feet for leveling.  Although the cabinet is beautiful, part of me wishes I would have opted for your 1400 model, since I have NO idea how I am ever going to fill this one.  But the pricing was good so we jumped on it.  


I only have 60 bottles in it right now, but I do have a trip planned to go to Walla Walla in April, which should be a good stocking opportunity.  I’ve attached a picture for you. 


Thank you for your customer service,



I have received the wine cabinet and it is awesome! It looks great in our game room and I have received a lot of excellent comments. Your company has provided my wife and me with an excellent cabinet.  I already have over 200 bottles in it, so I better either drink up, stop buying wine (not) or get more space. Thanks again!

It really is beautiful


It was great to find a wine cabinet that we could put in the dining room and not have it look like a glorified refrigerator. It really is a beautiful conversation piece.

Thrilled with the choice


Product styling and cooling unit were the deciding factors in purchasing decision and thrilled with the choice. Excellent quality.

Fine quality cellar!


I'm very pleased with the appearance and apparent quality of the cabinet, and also of your service and attention to detail. Many thanks for building a fine quality cellar!



I was expecting a great wine cabinet - what I received was fantastic - I was astounded with the craftsmanship and the appearance. It does not get any better than this!!