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CellarPro Cooling Units

Which Cooling Unit Do I Need?

When you buy a Le Cache wine cabinet, it comes with your choice of CellarPro 1800 cooling units. Each model in the 1800 Series provides a different level of cooling power, and, as the power increases, the noise level will also increase.

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Why Refrigeration Matters When Storing and Aging Wine

Although most table wine is consumed within 24 hours of purchase, certain wines will improve with age when stored properly. Unfortunately, fine wines will deteriorate rapidly if exposed to inadequate conditions.

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Advantages of CellarPro Cooling Units

Le Cache refrigerated wine cabinets not only display exquisite craftsmanship, but also come equipped with CellarPro cooling systems, the most technologically-advanced on the market.

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Performance Data Charts

View humidity, sound and cooling performance charts and information for CellarPro cooling units in Le Cache wine cabinets.

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What makes Le Cache wine cabinets different?

Unlike most wine coolers, our cabinets protect your wine collection for long-term storage and aging.

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