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About Le Cache Wine Cabinets

5 Quality Design Points of Le Cache Cabinets Answered

Le Cache wine cabinets are constructed from the finest wood, glass, and insulation. We build each model not only to support recommended long-term wine storage conditions, but also to complement the décor of your home or business.

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Benefits of Our Service and Support Policies

Our company's owners prioritize straightforward pricing, excellent customer service, and the best warranty in the business as important aspects of our guiding principles.

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Why Buy Le Cache Versus Other Brands?

Not all wine cabinets are the same high quality. Le Cache wine cabinets differ from competitor wine cabinets in several important ways.

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Will Le Cache Racking Fit My Bottles? and Other Racking Questions Answered

The universal racking in our cabinets can easily handle standard Bordeaux-sized wine bottles, larger Burgundy and Champagne bottles, and oversized Turley Zinfandel bottles.

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What makes Le Cache wine cabinets different?

Unlike most wine coolers, our cabinets protect your wine collection for long-term storage and aging.

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