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The Euro 5200 is designed to showcase the largest wine collections with luxury and style, offering maximum racked storage capacity for 544 bottles and bulk storage capacity for up to 78 bottles.

Total Capacity: 622 bottles
Size: 79w x 31d x 91h (in)


Le Cache European Country 5200 Wine Cabinet Chocolate Cherry (P/N 753). Featuring total storage for 622 bottles, including racked storage for 544 bottles and bulk storage for 78 bottles, our 5200 Series wine cabinets are sized for collectors with the largest wine collections. Purchase Price per Bottle: $15

Le Cache wine cabinets maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions for long term storage and aging of fine wines. Wine cabinets are different than wine coolers and refrigerators, which don't don't manage humidity conditions and therefore aren't recommended for long term storage of wine.

Design: Designed by acclaimed, Pinnacle Award-winning designer Martin de Blois, our European Country Series wine cabinets evoke the timeless elegance of European furnishings. Architectural details such as crown and base molding, paneled sides, hardwood French doors and hand-carved accents showcase fine wine collections with a sense of luxury and style.

Construction: Sealed seams, premium insulation and tinted double-paned glass provide thermal and UV protection

Refrigeration: Advanced CellarPro cooling units provide digital temperature and humidity control.


  • Premium Cherry wood veneer
  • Hardwood French doors
  • Crown and base moldings
  • Hand-carved wood trim
  • Hand-turned pewter pulls and security locks
  • Double-pane tinted glass
  • Foil-backed polyisocyanurate insulation
  • CellarPro energy-efficient cooling unit (made in USA)
  • Electronic Thermostat and Digital Display
  • Adjustable Humidity Control
  • Energy-Saver and Quick-Chill Modes
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • SB/0™ Technology - Flush against the Wall
  • Top-vent exhaust
  • High Performance Air Filtration System
  • All-wood Interlock racks
  • Universal racking fits oversized bottles
  • Low-heat interior LED light
  • Optional bottle probe
  • 5-year warranty on the cooling system
  • 2-year warranty on entire cabinet
  • Optional Extended Warranty
  • In-stock items ship within 5-7 days


All wine cabinets from Le Cache come with a choice of 3 energy-efficient CellarPro cooling units included in the price of the wine cabinet. The 3 CellarPro cooling units are dimensionally sized exactly alike, and therefore they are interchangeable. However, the 3 cooling units differ in terms of their BTUH cooling output and the level of noise that they produce. Each of the 3 cooling units is discussed below.

For more information about sizing the best cooling unit for your cabinet, refer to our Cooling Unit Buying Guide for Wine Cabinets.

The 1800QTL-ECX is our quietest cooling unit, and is designed exclusively for residential use in a temperature-controlled environment. The 1800QTL-ECX is appropriate for all credenzas, Model 1400 and Model 2400 wine cabinets. It also can be used in larger Model 3100, Model 3800 and Model 5200 wine cabinets, provided that the desired cellar temperature is closer to 60F than 55F.

This unit should not be used in ducted applications, or paired with our front duct hood.

Key Stats: 1065 BTUH at 55F, 41 dbA installed in a cabinet.

The 1800QT-ECX cooling unit is approximately 30% more powerful and 4 decibels louder than The 1800QTL-ECX cooling unit. It is designed for residential use in a temperature-controlled environment. The 1800QT-ECX easily can maintain 55F in our largest wine cabinets.

This unit can be used with our front duct hood.

Key Stats: 1380 BTUH at 55F, 45 dbA installed in a cabinet.

The 1800XT-ECX is approximately 5% more powerful and 3 decibels louder than The 1800QT-ECX cooling unit, because it uses more powerful fans. As a result, The 1800XT-ECX is ideally suited for garage environments (with temperatures ranging from 40F to 95F), commercial environments (where the cellar is frequently accessed) and installations with our front-duct hood..

Key Stats: 1456 BTUH at 55F, 48 dbA installed in a cabinet.

1800XTS-ECX cooling units, approximately 30% more powerful than 1800XT-ECX cooling units, also can be used inside Le Cache wine cabinets for an additional charge. Please call us at 707.794.8000 for more information and/or to order.

Specs & Resources

Brand: Le Cache

UPC: 077757007538

Size: 79w x 31d x 91h (in)

Weight: 550 lbs

115V AC / 60 Hz
Running / Startup Amps (compressor)
- CellarPro 1800QTL-ECX: 2.4 Amps / 14.2 Amps
- CellarPro 1800QT-ECX: 2.9 Amps / 20.1 Amps
- CellarPro 1800XT-ECX: 3.0 Amps / 20.1 Amps
Thermal Load Calculations

Capacity: 622 bottles
Double Deep storage
Racked Slots: 544 bottles (3.8 inch slots)
Bulk Space: approximately 78 bottles (stacked)

Material: Cherry

2 Years (Cabinet) / 5 Years (Cooling Unit)
Optional Extended Warranty

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Bottle Capacity

Bottle Capacity
Credenza - Contemporary8
Credenza - Euro & Mission7

Please note:
(1) We count the top of the racks as 1 row when counting rows in our racks.
(2) Every slot in the racks is 3 3/4" and sized to fit oversized Burgundy and most Champagne-size bottles.
(3) Bulk storage is located atop the racks (except for the first row atop the racks). Bulk storage capacity is based on Bordeaux-size bottles.
(4) Total capacity is the sum of racked plus bulk capacity, with double-deep storage in all cases except the Contemporary Credenza (which is single-deep). Usable capacity may be lower by 2-3 bottles when the first few cells under the cooling unit are left empty for proper air circulation.


How do I choose between top intake versus rear intake?

Top intake will allow you to place your wine cabinet flush against the wall; however, in order to operate properly, a cabinet with top intake MUST have sufficient clearance ABOVE the cabinet. If sufficient clearance does not exist, rear intake should be selected, and 3-4 inches of clearance must be provided BEHIND the wine cabinet. Regardless, the sides of the cabinet always need to be open - in other words, placement in an enclosed space, alcove or closet will not work unless our front-vent hood is used. Click on our placement requirements tab for more information.

Does the unit really need a dedicated circuit?

A: Yes, our units require dedicated circuits. When we say "dedicated circuit", we mean that the circuit shouldn't have any items that require heavy draws of electricity - eg other appliances, vacuum cleaners, big-screen TVs, blow-dryers - on the same circuit as the cooling unit. Lighting, computers or other low-draw items shouldn't be a problem on the same circuit.

Do I need the condensate drain line?

A: You don't need the drain line because our wine cabinets are constructed to be airtight when the doors are closed, and the cooling unit has a drain pan to catch excess condensation, which is burned off as the cooling unit runs.

Why does the fan run without the compressor?

A: We've programmed our fans to stay "on" for 3 minutes after the compressor turns "off", and then every 15 minutes thereafter , to recirculate moisture inside the cabinet. This fan cycle is extremely energy efficient, and increases the humidity inside the cabinet.


Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Euro 5200 - Elegant and Functional


We bought this unit in 2013 to display a portion of our wine collection in the living room. We have about 500 bottles in it and have been extremely happy with the purchase. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and a conversation piece when company is around. Our CellarPro cooler just started having problems after 3.5 years and the technical support team was very prompt in responding and shipping out a replacement unit. We have some minor concerns about the finish cracking in some areas but we live in Arizona which is a dry climate. Overall very happy and would buy another unit.

LeCache...buy the extended warranty and you'll be happy


So I purchased this unit in 2013 and as previous reviewers have stated, it is beautiful. With that said, I encourage you to buy the upgrade to the warranty. Two years in and the cooling unit quit working. We followed all instructions with regard to storage of the wine, filter changes, space requirements, and even put a fan and air purifier next to the unit. To their credit, someone did come and replace the cooling unit and I only incurred the $49 charge, but it took a bit of work on my part. Last year I noticed one of the wooden racks had completely cracked, and we are not storing an inordinate amount of bottles in the "bulk" storage area. That too was replaced with the $49 charge (plus tip of course) and now I can see the wood on both sides "bowing" in the same area and wonder if it will crack again. If it does, I hope it is still within the warranty period. A shame that these defects become big problems in such a beautiful and expensive cabinet.

Wine Cellar 5200


Bought it and love it! Holds 52 cases of wine and told my wife(as this is my 25th anniversary present to her) we will have to travel the world to purchase wines to fill our gorgeous wine cellar!
Thank you!

Stunning and works as promised

by -

I waited six months to write this review. I wanted to see how it would perform during the summer months and if any problems would surface as we filled it.

This is undoubtedly the most talked about piece of furniture I have ever purchased. It combines a serious presence in the room, beautiful craftsmanship, and superb functionality. I love that normal 750ML bottles can go two per rack space and that the spaces are large enough for oversize bottles. The depth will not allow two tall bottles but we have found most producers do not use tall bottles with the exception of some whites so this has not been an issue.

The noise level is fine for our open floor plan. I originally considered buying the noise hood but decided to wait until the unit was in place to see if it was required. The 1800 QT does operate at a very reasonable sound level.

Bottom line - I love this unit and would purchase it again.



You guys have been a pleasure to work with! I cannot wait to get the cabinet up and running. If you’re in the Scottsdale area, you should come over and enjoy a bottle of wine with us!

Thanks again


Thanks again for all the advice on initial operation of my cabinet.  I followed your recommendation to clear the row of bottles below the exhaust.  The cooling unit actually achieved a temperature of 57 degrees last night! I was surprised that it cooled the cabinet so quickly from 71 degrees (within 24h), especially considering that it's loaded with 550+ bottles.

We love our cellar


Le Cache reviewed my planned installation, noted a potential problem, explained options and modified my cellar to accommodate my site. We love our cellar and so do our neighbors.

Beautiful wine cabinet


Beautiful wine cabinet that has become the centerpiece of my living room.

The wine cooler is fantastic


The wine cooler is fantastic; in fact we have ordered another one. Many thanks.

More beautiful than expected


My wine cabinet arrived in good condition and is working wonderfully. It is even more beautiful than expected and everyone comments on what a great piece of furniture it is (which is exactly what we wanted, not a "fridge" look). As a matter of fact, most people ask us why we didn't get a refrigerated unit and are incredibly surprised to find out that it does indeed cool!
Thank you