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Designed for wine collectors who need to store large collections in rugged environments, our Vault 3100 wine cabinets have paneled insulated doors for extra thermal protection.

Total Capacity: 368 bottles
Size: 49w x 29d x 83h (in)


Le Cache Vault 3100 Wine Cabinet Classic Cherry (P/N 881). Featuring total storage for 368 bottles, including racked storage for 320 bottles and bulk storage for 48 bottles, our Vault 3100 wine cabinet is sized for serious wine collectors with sizeable wine collections. Purchase Price per Bottle: $17

Le Cache wine cabinets maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions for long term storage and aging of fine wines. Wine cabinets are different than wine coolers and refrigerators, which don't don't manage humidity conditions and therefore aren't recommended for long term storage of wine.

Design: The Wine Vault 3100 combines style and quality with insulated paneled doors for placement in a unconditioned environements ranging from 50F to 95F like garages and basements. But don't let it's ruggedness fool you - the Wine Vault 3100 features beautiful cherry wood veneer, our Classic hand-stained finish and our all-wood Interlock racking to accommodate most bottle sizes, including Burgundy and many Champagne bottles.

Construction: Paneled, insulated doors, sealed seams and premium insulation provide thermal and UV protection

Refrigeration: Advanced CellarPro cooling units provide digital temperature and humidity control.


  • Premium Cherry wood veneer
  • Insulated wood doors
  • Stainless bar pulls and security locks
  • Furniture trim on doors and sides
  • Foil-backed polyisocyanurate insulation
  • CellarPro energy-efficient cooling unit (made in USA)
  • Electronic Thermostat and Digital Display
  • Adjustable Humidity Control
  • Energy-Saver and Quick-Chill Modes
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • SB/0™ Technology - Flush against the Wall
  • Top-vent exhaust
  • High Performance Air Filtration System
  • All-wood Interlock racks
  • Universal racking fits oversized bottles
  • Low-heat interior LED light
  • Optional bottle probe
  • 5-year warranty on the cooling system
  • 2-year warranty on entire cabinet
  • Optional Extended Warranty
  • In-stock items ship within 5-7 days


All wine cabinets from Le Cache come with a choice of 3 energy-efficient CellarPro cooling units included in the price of the wine cabinet. The 3 CellarPro cooling units are dimensionally sized exactly alike, and therefore they are interchangeable. However, the 3 cooling units differ in terms of their BTUH cooling output and the level of noise that they produce. Each of the 3 cooling units is discussed below.

For more information about sizing the best cooling unit for your cabinet, refer to our Cooling Unit Buying Guide for Wine Cabinets.

The 1800QTL-ECX is our quietest cooling unit, and is designed exclusively for residential use in a temperature-controlled environment. The 1800QTL-ECX is appropriate for all credenzas, Model 1400 and Model 2400 wine cabinets. It also can be used in larger Model 3100, Model 3800 and Model 5200 wine cabinets, provided that the desired cellar temperature is closer to 60F than 55F.

This unit should not be used in ducted applications, or paired with our front duct hood.

Key Stats: 1065 BTUH at 55F, 41 dbA installed in a cabinet.

The 1800QT-ECX cooling unit is approximately 30% more powerful and 4 decibels louder than The 1800QTL-ECX cooling unit. It is designed for residential use in a temperature-controlled environment. The 1800QT-ECX easily can maintain 55F in our largest wine cabinets.

This unit can be used with our front duct hood.

Key Stats: 1380 BTUH at 55F, 45 dbA installed in a cabinet.

The 1800XT-ECX is approximately 5% more powerful and 3 decibels louder than The 1800QT-ECX cooling unit, because it uses more powerful fans. As a result, The 1800XT-ECX is ideally suited for garage environments (with temperatures ranging from 40F to 95F), commercial environments (where the cellar is frequently accessed) and installations with our front-duct hood..

Key Stats: 1456 BTUH at 55F, 48 dbA installed in a cabinet.

1800XTS-ECX cooling units, approximately 30% more powerful than 1800XT-ECX cooling units, also can be used inside Le Cache wine cabinets for an additional charge. Please call us at 707.794.8000 for more information and/or to order.

Specs & Resources

Brand: Le Cache

UPC: 077757008818

Size: 49w x 29d x 83h (in)

Weight: 385 lbs

115V AC / 60 Hz
Running / Startup Amps (compressor)
- CellarPro 1800QTL-ECX: 2.4 Amps / 14.2 Amps
- CellarPro 1800QT-ECX: 2.9 Amps / 20.1 Amps
- CellarPro 1800XT-ECX: 3.0 Amps / 20.1 Amps

Thermal Load Calculations

Capacity: 368 bottles
Double Deep storage
Racked Slots: 320 bottles (3.8 inch slots)
Bulk Space: approximately 48 bottles (stacked)

Material: Cherry

2 Years (Cabinet) / 5 Years (Cooling Unit)
Optional Extended Warranty

Click on one of the following links for more information:

Bottle Capacity

Bottle Capacity
Credenza - Contemporary8
Credenza - Euro & Mission7

Please note:
(1) We count the top of the racks as 1 row when counting rows in our racks.
(2) Every slot in the racks is 3 3/4" and sized to fit oversized Burgundy and most Champagne-size bottles.
(3) Bulk storage is located atop the racks (except for the first row atop the racks). Bulk storage capacity is based on Bordeaux-size bottles.
(4) Total capacity is the sum of racked plus bulk capacity, with double-deep storage in all cases except the Contemporary Credenza (which is single-deep). Usable capacity may be lower by 2-3 bottles when the first few cells under the cooling unit are left empty for proper air circulation.


How do I choose between top intake versus rear intake?

Top intake will allow you to place your wine cabinet flush against the wall; however, in order to operate properly, a cabinet with top intake MUST have sufficient clearance ABOVE the cabinet. If sufficient clearance does not exist, rear intake should be selected, and 3-4 inches of clearance must be provided BEHIND the wine cabinet. Regardless, the sides of the cabinet always need to be open - in other words, placement in an enclosed space, alcove or closet will not work unless our front-vent hood is used. Click on our placement requirements tab for more information.

Does the unit really need a dedicated circuit?
A: Yes, our units require dedicated circuits. When we say "dedicated circuit", we mean that the circuit shouldn't have any items that require heavy draws of electricity - eg other appliances, vacuum cleaners, big-screen TVs, blow-dryers - on the same circuit as the cooling unit. Lighting, computers or other low-draw items shouldn't be a problem on the same circuit.

Do I need the condensate drain line?
A: You don't need the drain line because our wine cabinets are constructed to be airtight when the doors are closed, and the cooling unit has a drain pan to catch excess condensation, which is burned off as the cooling unit runs.

Why does the fan run without the compressor?
A: We've programmed our fans to stay "on" for 3 minutes after the compressor turns "off", and then every 15 minutes thereafter , to recirculate moisture inside the cabinet. This fan cycle is extremely energy efficient, and increases the humidity inside the cabinet.

Ratings & Reviews

65 reviews

Best Value Le Cache 3100

by -

The Le Cache 3100 is the best value I have found in terms of price, number of bottles, and features it offers

First time buyer of a wine cellar.


The cabinet is sturdy and provides ample room for all bottle types. The interior light is bright and allows you to see the labels on the bottles in the back of the racks. We bought a top venting Le Cache vault and recommend getting a vent cover to minimize dust getting into the system.

Do not expect good customer service.


I was shocked that an in stock item took over a month to deliver one state away. Then when it was delivered, it was ,missing the keys to the lock. The delivery guys looked everywhere, and said its typically inside but we couldn't find them. Customer service has been non existent, waiting days to get an answer when you spend this kind of money is ridiculous. If I ever get the keys I might be able to tell you how this works....

Reply from IWA
Sean, thank you for your feedback. According to our records, we shipped your cabinet the week after you placed your order, and it delivered 14 days later. This timing is normal for our large wine cabinets, which are shipped from our warehouse via specialized carriers. Our cabinets are shipped with the keys in an envelope inside the cabinet - even if the carrier lost the keys, of course we'll send replacement keys to you asap.

Le Cache Vault 3100


My Le Cache Vault 3100 has worked flawlessly for over ten years now. Holds a steady temperature even in our garage. The oversized slots in the wood racking is great and holds most Pinot Noir and Champagne bottles. Highly recommended.

Le Cache Vault 3100

by -

I am very pleased with my Vault 3100. I had carefully researched my options and felt that Le Cache was the best option for my needs. The 3100 is very well made and I have had no issues with it. The staff were very helpful and responsive in answering my questions to help me finalized my order. It was actually delivered a before the expected shipping date from the order.

I was a little concerned about the shipping, given some of the comments on the web about shipping, but I had none of these issues noted on the web. The moving team told me that they had shipped a lot of Le Cashe and worked with them for several years. They knew exactly what they were doing, how to test the unit etc., and they worked with me to get the unit exactly level (had provided 2 construction levels that we set in each direction on the top).

Le Cache Vault 3100


Very nice cabinet. Sturdy construction. Excellent compressor. I got the QT version, and it is really efficient without being too noisy (the cabinet is in my home office). It's a pricey item, but it's a good one!

Lecache wine cabinet


Beautiful cherry double door wine cabinet

Vault Wine Cooler

by -

From the first day of asking Bryan tons of questions on what to purchase, until well after delivery and set up; all communications and product delivery / use has been very professional. While we expect the cooler to be perfect and it is, we were also very impressed with the delivery and set up crew who treated the unit and its start up steps as good as we could expect. Our Le Cache vault is filled and doing it's job. Great purchase experience !

Vault 3100 Wine Cabinet Review


We just bought a 2nd wine cellar. Our old Le Cache lasted about 25 years and was still working but had issues so we decided to replace. The first cabinet was damaged and we had a bad experience with the crew delivering it. We had to wait an additional week to get the replacement which was a huge inconvenience. The staff at Le Cache was outstanding, very helpful with the purchase and follow up to get us a new one. We got a much better delivery crew the second time who went above and beyond for us. Very happy and we love the cabinet enough as I said that we bought a 2nd. We wish the delivery people or IWA had told us not to load it or turn it on for 48 hours that would be our only complaint. Luckily we only had it on for an hour and didn't start loading it.

What a great experience, Unit is beautiful.


It was wonderful to get a concierge call, the delivery crew was awesome, very nice and professional, the cabinet is beautiful and flawless, and the unit is much quieter than I expected it would be. Amazing experience, thanks again to everybody and have a wonderful holiday!

Love it thus far!

by -

Have had the unit not quite a week and are very pleased. The cabinet is beautiful, we have it almost completely full and it is running smoothly. The delivery men were not good and hit the walls bringing it into our new home. Thank goodness IWA had it wrapped so that no marks were left on the walls.
Would suggest that the instruction manual be sent before the unit so the owners can read it and follow directions such as not opening both doors at once when the unit is empty, not turning the unit on at once due to the recent movement etc.
This is a great substitute for our last wine cellar as it was part of our home and with down sizing there is no room for a "wine cellar". Recommend it highly.

Over a year later...

by -

Well... it's been over a year since I had my 3100 was delivered and I must say before a year was up with my N'finity, it was replaced once. The 2 N'finity units that I HAD purchased... have been sold as non cooling storage units. The 3100 however... has been a great wine storage unit! From my Dom to my Margaux! Maintaining its' temperature! If I had any advice to give... it would be to spend the extra money and get the doors WITH the windows! Great unit!! Thanks IWA!! Chris Gallo

Best of the best...


Compared to other alternatives, the construction and quality of this wine cellar are apparent from the moment you lay eyes upon it. The doors are heavy and the fact they are made from solid wood and well-insulated are noticeable with every swing. The racking system is superior to all refrigerator style cellars. You will be able to attain the stated capacity of the Le Cache unit, or very near it. Upon arrival, you will need to spend a little time aligning the doors and leveling the unit. My advice is to be certain you have the right space picked out because this is a somewhat difficult task and you need two people. The unit is very heavy even when empty. My only slight complaint is that I wish the unit were about 2 inches deeper to accommodate 2 of the longer, non-standard Bordeaux style bottles a lot of Napa wineries are using on the same shelf. Other than that, this unit is perfect.

Tremendous, well crafted unit


Purchased the 3100 a couple of months ago and I must say... compared to my WS cellars... which I no longer have... This is a tremendous, well crafted unit! After an issue with a broken foot, that was swiftly replaced, (Thanks Brad) it is working great! I will leave more feedback after I've had it a while.

Great Cabinet


Great customer service, great product, have had for a year now and is everything I was looking for. Met all my wine storage needs and I still have plenty of space for those yet to be attained bottles.

Excellent Wine Cabinet and Service


We have been enjoying our La Cache 3100 wine cabinet for a while. It is excellent. Also, I must comment on La Cache customer service. After some issues I had with another cabinet (not the 3100), they worked with us and helped us figure out a good solution. The build quality of the 3100 is top-notch Please note: It is large. We finally got it in our basement, but it took some effort.

The wine cabinet looks so elegant!


I received my wine cabinet last Friday. The delivery company unpacked it and placed it in my garage with precision. I've since loaded it with some wine and turned it on. It's working wonderfully and looks so elegant!

Thank you for making this order an easy one for me... I have already recommended your company and product to three other people who are interested in purchasing a wine cabinet.



The sales person was well versed in the product and could answer all questions. Customer service was equally amazing.
I have installed the unit and can speak more after a year or so of function



Great high quality, beautiful unit that meets our needs perfectly.

Love it


is everything as advertised. Beautiful wood and workmanship. I know exactly where every bottle is stored (I use Cellar Tracker to keep my inventory). Never one problem with the cooling unit and it is very energy efficient. I bought it to replace a well-known French wine cabinet that was nothing but a pain with moisture inside that ruined labels an got the wood shelves moldy. Unlike the Le Cache what a challenge trying to get to the bottle you are looking for since you end up stacking most of your bottles (two deep) or lose 30+ % of the storage capacity if you pay extra (a lot) to put in rolling out shelves that are hard to keep from binding up.

Great quality and service


Great quality and service was provided from the transaction to the delivery of the product. I would recomend to anyone. I am very happy with the whole transaction, you guys did a great job.

The Best


Always buy the best, saves money in the long run

Very Pleased


I did substantial research on this purchase, and time after time le cache came out on top. I based my research on actual users experience from a variety of wine forums. The unit arrived in excellent condition with no surprises. I am very pleased with my purchase at this point.

Delivery Comments


Your delivery guys are great once the wine cabinet gets there. But they have kind of a give s#@! attitude when comes to getting there. I was trying to really cooridnate the delivery with our arrival with some pretty pricey wine. They held the truck because they did not have full load, but I was told they had plenty of lead time. They could have put it on an earlier truck and sat on it for a week or ten days.

So much Happier with my Le Cache


After spending a lot of time looking at different cabinet options from several vendors, I finally decided to pick up the phone to place my order with Le Cache directly. The customer service person was out, so I spoke with the company president. He answered my questions, took my information and within one week my cabinet was delivered by three guys who were fast, efficient and very courteous. The new cabinet is next to my 8-year old VinoTemp of the same size -- and I am so much happier with my Le Cache. It's like comparing a Bentley to a used Honda, but for a small price difference. I am pleased.