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Wine Cabinet Repair - Repairing the Wood Racks

Repair of Bottle Supports (Front to Back)

Press fit clips


Press fit clip onto rear vertical standard. Place tab on clip into notch on facing edge of vertical riser.

Fit notch on bottle support into notch on backside of front vertical riser. Rest rear of bottle support onto clip.

Screw may be used to hold bottle support in place.

Repair of Vertical Risers

Vertical alignment clips
#8 x 3/4 screws


The vertical alignment clip is designed to realign the vertical risers at the back wall of the cabinet, where horizontal spreaders have been separated or broken.

To use, press fit clip over any two rear vertical risers on the rack, directly under the broken or separated horizontal. Use the screws provided to hold the clip in place. Simply screw into back wall until snug. No drilling is necessary.

Repair of Horizontal Spreaders (Side to Side)

Horizontal spreaders
Rack tie clips

Hacksaw blade
Hot melt glue gun
Exacto blade knife


Use the tie clips across the face of the wine rack, above or below the horizontal spreader that is to be replaced. The "U" shaped bends fit over two vertical risers. Use a hacksaw to cut bad horizontal spreader into sections for easier removal.

Dry fit a new horizontal spreader across the face of the wine rack to check for snugness and location. Remove, and squirt a small amount of hot melt glue into each notch. Quickly press into place and hold for a few seconds until glue hardens. Glue excess can be trimmed off with the Exacto blade once glue has cured.

Repeat process for each damaged horizontal spreader.

For broken rear horizontal spreaders, the wine rack clips may be used to hold the vertical risers in alignment. Press the clip over any two vertical risers and use a #8 x 3/4" sheet metal screw to hold in place against the back wall.

If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 877.532.2243 during normal business hours.