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Wine Cabinet Repair - Replacing the Windows


  • Replacement Glass - Sealed Tempered Thermal Unit
  • Tub/tile sealer caulk
  • 1/2 inch leg, narrow crown staples


  • Blade screwdriver
  • Stiff putty knife
  • Small pry-driver
  • Side cutters
  • Razor box cutter

Window Removal

  1. Remove door handle.
  2. Remove door using the Door Removal and Installation instructions.
  3. Lay door face down on a padded work surface.
  4. Use the stiff putty knife to slide under the batten framing, and lift enough so that the pry driver can be used. Lift with care, so as not to break the batten framing. The full length will come off in one piece.
  5. When the four batten pieces have been removed, use a razor box cutter to remove the caulking around the window perimeter.
  6. Window may now be removed from the framed opening.
  7. DO NOT remove the black foam tape attached to the inside hardwood frame.

Window Installation

  1. Clean off any remaining caulking.
  2. Position window into framed opening.
  3. Use a good grade tub/tile sealer caulk to seal the window around the perimeter in the framed opening.
  4. Use the side cutters to cut off the legs of the old staples, so that the battens will lie flat against the window and frame.
  5. Staple batten downs with 1/2 inch leg, narrow crown staples. If not available, 3/4 inch finishing nails every 3 inches can be used instead.
  6. If the windows fit snugly in the door, the door can be reinstalled immediately. If the windows are loose, leave the door in a horizontal position and let the caulk dry completely overnight.
  7. Reinstall the door using the Door Removal and Installation instructions the following day.

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