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Wine Cabinet Repair - Replacing the Metal Strips

Parts Needed

Contact Cement


  1. Unplug wine cabinet from power source.
  2. Peel off old metal strip(s) from wine cabinet face.
  3. Lightly sand exposed wood faces, or use solvent to remove residue from old strips.
  4. "Dry" fit strips to their respective locations. Strips may be trimmed with tin snips.
  5. Apply contact cement with the foam brush BOTH to the cleaned wood surfaces and to one side of the strips.
  6. Let cement dry completely before attaching strip to wine cabinet. Cement is milky colored when wet, and clear when dry.
  7. Apply strip to wine cabinet face, beginning at one end, and adhering a few inches at a time. A rubber mallet may be used to fully seat the strip.

CAUTION: Strip adheres immediately on contact, and cannot be adjusted once contact is made.

If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 877.532.2243 during normal business hours.