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Cabinet Delivery - What to Expect

All Le Cache wine cabinets are strapped to a pallet so that they remain upright for the entire journey, and protected by foam, gauze, cardboard and shrink wrap. We take pictures of each cabinet before it is packed, so that there are no questions about the condition of the cabinet prior to shipment. When the cabinet is ready for shipment, our logistics team chooses carriers that have experience in shipping and handling our cabinets.

Small Trucks

Le Cache Wine Cabinets are often transported and delivered in large trucks, up to 80 feet long. If your delivery location is not large truck accessible, there may be additional charges for a small truck. Some common reasons to use a small truck may include:

  • Cul-de-sac
  • Gated community
  • Long driveway
  • Low hanging trees
  • Narrow road
  • Ability to easily turn the truck

A) Doorway

The wine cabinet may need to be tilted on its side to fit through a low-hanging doorway or because of low ceiling height. Consider maneuverability of the space around the door in the direction of delivery, and clear the area.

B) Pathway to Final Placement

In between the entrance and final cabinet placement, try to keep the path clear. Unavoidable obstacles can inhibit the ability to deliver your cabinet, especially tight turns and angles in the house.

C) Stairs / Steps

Whether a few steps or a full staircase, a stair carry may affect delivery cost, and should be reported when contacted for delivery details. Ensure that any landings or railings have adequate space to safely turn the cabinet.

D) Elevator

If an elevator is required to deliver the cabinet, measure the inner dimensions, elevator door, and hallway ceiling height at the entrance and exit locations. Also factor in turns the cabinet may need to make to enter or exit the elevator.

E) Other Factors That May Affect Delivery Cost

  • Long carry (such as around the home to the back door)
  • Traveling over grass or uneven surfaces
  • Location is outside the regular service area
  • Additional workers or special equipment for the location

Final Cabinet Location

When considering where to place the cabinet, consult our detailed placement guide. When preparing for delivery, ensure:

  • Delivery area has adequate space for cabinet
  • Clearance requirements and door swing considered
  • A dedicated circuit with surge protector is ready
  • Ceiling height should be adequate for ventilation
  • Delivery path to location is cleared of obstacles

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