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Wine Cabinet Repair - Replacing the Door Gaskets

Tools Needed

  • Combination square
  • Dike
  • Phillips screwdriver (#2 PT)
  • Standard screwdriver
  • Pry driver
  • Pneumatic stapler with 1/2" leg staples or 3/4" carpet tacks

Gasket Removal

  1. Remove door (see Door Removal and Installation instructions).
  2. Remove door handle.
  3. Lay door face down on a padded work surface to avoid marring front.
  4. Use pry driver to lift wood strip and gasket up from door skin. Broken staples can be lifted using dikes.
  5. After gasket has been removed, lightly sand to clean up splintered areas.

Gasket Installation

  1. Lightly pencil a line vertically 1-1/4" in from door edge on hinge side. For single door cabinets, pencil a second vertical line 1" in from opening side of door. For double door cabinets, pencil a second vertical line 1/4" in from opening side of door. These will be the vertical guidelines for the outside dimension of the gasket. The top and bottom of the door are the horizontal guidelines.
  2. Lay the gasket out on the door. Note that it may be necessary to compress the gasket slightly to fit into the guidelines. This is OK as long as the compression is done little by little over the entire horizontal or vertical run of the gasket.
  3. Slide wood strips under bladder of gasket. Strips may be shortened as needed by clipping with dikes.
  4. Use stapler to tack gasket to door. Staple through the wood strip and bottom lip of gasket bladder at 1/2" to 3/4" intervals.
  5. Reinstall door on cabinet.

If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 877.532.2243 during normal business hours.