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CellarPro Cooling Unit Replacement Instructions

Tools Needed

Short #2 phillips screwdriver
7/16" Open end wrench or socket
Needlenose pliers

Required Parts

Replacement Cooling Unit
Butyl Sealant Tape

Removal of Old Cooling Unit

1. Unplug the cooling unit from the wall.

From the Top or Rear of the Wine Cabinet

2. Remove any grill(s) on TOP or REAR of the wine cabinet. DISPOSE OF THE GRILL - you should not use a grill with CellarPro cooling units, it will restrict airflow, causing the unit to overheat.

3. Unplug the cooling unit's power cord, and pull through the back or the top of the wine cabinet.

4. Note the location of the black butyl sealant where the cooling unit touches the wine cabinet. Then, peel off the butyl sealant.

From the Front of the Wine Cabinet

5. Open cabinet door and remove all bottles from the top of the rack.

6. Place a heavy towel or blanket on top of the wine rack for protection.

7. IF YOU HAVE A LE CACHE MODEL 2400 WITH A CENTER POST: Remove the center post by unscrewing the screws (two at the top and two at the bottom) that attach the post to the wine cabinet.

8. Unplug the light from the cooling unit inside the wine cabinet, and also unplug the cord from the light fixture.

9. Remove the light fixture as follows:

- Slide the light left or right, and then unscrew and remove one of the two mounting brackets that attach the light fixture to the ceiling of the wine cabinet.

- Slide the light fixture off the second mounting bracket.

10. With 7/16 socket wrench, remove the two hex head bolts that attach the cooling unit to the ceiling of the wine cabinet. (If you have phillips head screws, use a screwdriver instead to remove these screws.) Save these bolts!

PLEASE NOTE: Leave mounting brackets attached to the cooling unit so that the proper location can be duplicated with the replacement cooling unit. If the nut in the ceiling becomes loose, you will need to use pliers from the top of the cabinet to hold the nut and keep it from spinning with the bolt.

11. The cooling unit is now free to remove. Drop front end down, and move side to side to free from cabinet opening.

Two people may be required to remove the cooling unit, which weighs 50 pounds. Do not let the cooling unit drop on unprotected bottle racks.

To Install the New Cooling Unit

1. Carefully remove the new cooling unit from the packaging. NEVER store the cooling unit upside down or on its side, and NEVER turn the unit upside down. You may reuse this packaging for shipping or storing the old cooling unit.

2. Remove any materials that have been packed inside the exhaust cavity.

3. Before installing the cooling unit, make sure it works by plugging it in and letting it run on a hard, flat surface for no more than 5 minutes. Check that cold air is being produced by the unit. Please note: CellarPro cooling systems are programmed with a 3-minute delay at start-up to protect its internal components.

4. For top-vent cabinets, make sure that the exhaust panel is installed in the BACK of the cooling unit, so that the top of the unit has an opening for exhaust ventilation. For rear-vent cabinets (eg credenzas), make sure that the exhaust panel is installed in the TOP of the cooling unit, so that the rear of the unit has an opening for exhaust ventilation.

5. Attach the mounting clips to the FRONT of the cooling unit so that the short side slides under the metal fold near the top of the cooling unit, and space the clips so that they’ll line up with the holes in the ceiling of the cellar. You may need to remove the front grill (attached with two screws on each side of the cooling unit) in order to slide the mounting clips under the sheet metal, then replace the front grill after the clips are in place.

6. If your wine cabinet has three pieces of foam located on the bottom and on each side of the black metal bracket that supports the rear of the cooling unit (attached to the rear wall in most top-vented units), place these foam pieces along the bottom and sides of the metal bracket.

7. Install the cooling unit by following the removal instructions described above in reverse.

8. A complete and proper seal must be made between the cellar and the cooling unit to ensure that outside air does not enter the cellar. Use butyl adhesive tape to seal the perimeter where the cooling unit touches the wine cabinet by rolling the tape with your fingers into a thin (pencil diameter) "rope", then press the tape into the cracks where the cooling unit touches the cellar.

9. Check the seal by having a helper stand in front of the cabinet while you shine a flashlight around the cooling unit edges to discover any gaps in sealant.

10. Wait 24-hours before running the cooling unit. We recommend plugging the cooling unit into an outlet with a dedicated 15-amp circuit and a surge protector.