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Wine Cabinet Troubleshooting - Condensation Issues

Condensation occurs when the cooling unit is running a high percentage of the time, and can be a problem in warm, humid locales, especially during the summer. Most of the time, condensation shows up on the metal strip on the center post of the cabinet, and on the locks where the cold metal comes into contact with the warm, moist air. To resolve condensation issues, do the following:

  • Raise the temperature set-point to 60 degrees or above.
  • Build the thermal mass inside the cabinet to reduce the cycle time spent cooling the air in the empty space. If you don't have enough wine bottles, use soda cans, water bottles.
  • Clean your condenser coils.
  • Clear the first 3-4 rows in the column directly below the cold-air discharge (front column only). This will stop the cold air from "splashing" against the center post.
  • Make sure that the lock shafts have foam sleeves. For additional insulation, wrap the lock tab with electrical tape.
  • Check the seals between the door(s) and the cabinet to ensure there aren't any gaps.
  • If possible, cool down the ambient environment (but if using a fan, avoid blowing air at the wine cabinet, which will worsen the problem).
  • Consider placing a plastic air deflector under the cold air discharge to direct air to the back of the wine cabinet.
  • If the condensation is coming into contact with wood, wipe it away frequently to prevent damage to wood surfaces, warping of the doors and mold.

If you continue to have problems, please contact Le Cache at 1.877.532.2243.