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1800QT Cooling Performance

CellarPro 1800QT vs. Breezaire WKCE 1060 Wine Cooling Units


As illustrated in the chart above, CellarPro's cooling unit consistently maintained cooler temperatures inside the wine cellar and was able to cycle on and off. CellarPro's 1800 QT and Breezaire's WKCE 1060 were tested at the same time in identical wine cabinets located side-by-side with identical bottle loads in a test room with ambient temperatures ranging from 83°F to 85°F.

Test Conditions:

  • The cooling units were tested simultaneously in side-by-side wine cabinets
  • The wine cabinets were located in an enclosed, climate-controlled test room
  • The cabinets used were both Le Cache Model 2400 wine cabinets
  • Each wine cabinet was filled with 208 bottles (73% capacity)
  • The CellarPro cooling unit was set to maintain 55°F (53°F "off" / +3°F "on") (1), and the Breezaire was set at 55°F.
  • The temperature measurements both were taken at the bottom of each wine cabinet

(1) CellarPro cooling units provide maximum flexibility for controlling the environment inside a wine cellar. Rather than selecting a single temperature target, CellarPro users designate the lower and upper temperature settings during which the cooling unit cycles off and on. In the test charted above, the CellarPro cooling unit was set to cycle "off" at 53°F, and cyle "on" at 56°F (54.5°F average.)