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Wine Cabinet Troubleshooting - Sealing the Doors

The best way to check the door seals is by placing a flashlight inside the cabinet and aiming it at the door. Then, close the door. If there are any gaps and the light shines through, the door is not sealing properly.

Another way to check the seals is by closing each door on a dollar bill around the perimeter of each door. It should be difficult to slide the bill along the edge of the door without pulling out the bill.

  1. Make sure the cabinet is level and the doors are aligned. Door alignment instructions.
  2. Check to see that the hinges aren't bent. The hinge pins (attached to the top and bottom of each door) should be perfectly upright, and the hinge plates (attached to the top and the bottom of the wine cabinet) should be perfectly parallel to the floor.
  3. If there is a kink in the rubber gasket on the door, use a hair dryer for several minutes and stretch the gasket into the proper shape. Then, close the doors for several hours to allow the gasket to regain its proper shape.
  4. After following these steps, if a small portion of the gasket still isn't sealing, it may be necessary to push out the gasket, either by stuffing the gasket with cloth, or by adding layer(s) of wood shims behind the gasket.

If your hinges are bent or your door(s) are bowed, please call Le Cache at (877) 532-2243 for further assistance.