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5 Quality Design Points of Le Cache Cabinets Answered

Le Cache wine cabinets are constructed from the finest wood, glass, and insulation. We build each model not only to support recommended long-term wine storage conditions, but also to complement the décor of your home or business. Discover 5 of the elements that make our cabinets both beautiful and dependable.

1. Premium, finished hardwoods

Le Cache refrigerated wine cabinets are crafted by hand from kiln-dried wood and clad in sumptuous cherry veneers.

We offer most cabinet models in a choice of hand-stained finishes, to highlight the fine, beautiful grains of cherry wood. After staining, we cover our cabinets in a clear-coat sealant by hand—twice—to protect and enrich the wood finish.

2. Dense, Securely-Sealed Insulation

The better your wine cabinet is insulated and sealed, the more years of trouble-free operation its cooling system will provide.

That's why Le Cache exclusively uses foil-covered polyisocyanurate insulation, the best-quality insulation available, in all of our wine cabinets. Polyisocyanurate foam creates a buffer against temperature changes. The foil backing helps to seal the environment inside the cabinet and protects the cabinet from outside heat.

An insulation material's R-value is a measure of how successfully it prevents temperature changes. Of the 3 most common insulation materials used in wine cabinets, foil-covered polyisocyanurate insulation has the highest R-value:

1. Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene)
R-Value per inch = 3.8

2. "Blueboard" (extruded polystyrene)
R-Value per inch = 5.0

3. Foil-covered polyisocyanurate foam
R-Value per inch = 6.5

Since our wine cabinets come equipped with 1.5 inches of foam insulation, the R-value of our cabinet walls exceeds 10.0.

3. Artisanal accents and workmanship

We start out with luxurious materials and refine them with painstaking craftsmanship. Our cabinets are embellished with architectural details such as crown moldings, side paneling, and stylish pulls made of pewter or stainless steel.

Customers often tell us that pictures don't do justice to our heirloom-quality cabinets. To see and touch our wine cabinets first-hand, you can visit any Le Cache dealeror one of the manyrestaurants, hotels, and resorts that use one of our models. You're also free to request a free wood sample!

4. Tight doors with UV-resistant glass

Along with insulation, window design determines how effectively a wine cabinet will preserve ideal conditions around your collection. Well-fitted doors, like those on Le Cache cabinets, keep air from seeping in and ensure that your cooling system won't become overtaxed by maintaining the correct storage conditions.

Because proper wine storage requires darkness, we make the windows for our cabinets from tinted, double-paned glass. You can see your artfully-racked wine bottles—but ultraviolet rays will have a difficult time penetrating the glass or hurting the wine inside the cabinet.

5. Custom refrigerator hinges

Hinges matter! Le Cache wine cabinets use steel refrigerator hinges, powdercoated black, for clean aesthetics as well as for strength.

Many wine cabinets use piano hinges instead of refrigerator hinges to save money. Piano hinges are unsightly and look cheap, because you can see the brass-colored hinges running up and down the entire length of the wine cabinet doors—even when the doors are closed.

By contrast, refrigerator hinges are more elegant because a cabinet's design can easily conceal them for a smoother, more versatile appearance. They can be mounted out of view at the top and bottom of each wine cabinet door. Refrigerator hinges also prove much more durable than piano hinges.

You won't see the refrigerator hinges on our wine cabinets unless you're looking for them. Our hinges, designed specifically for the requirements of our cabinets, will give you many years of trouble-free service.

Questions about Le Cache cabinets? Feel free to call one of our expert representatives toll-free at 1.877.532.2243 or ask us through a live online chat. You can also use our contact form. We're glad to discuss your wine storage needs.

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