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CellarPro Alarm Autodialer, #353

DISCONTINUED. Provides immediate notification of an alarm or power outage when wired to CellarPro cooling units.

CellarPro Alarm Autodialer (P/N AVD-45C / AC-2P). Critical for expensive wine collections, the autodialer is recommended for wine collectors who travel frequently and/or for wine cellars that are located in warm environments where a power outage or mechanical failure would pose a great risk. When wired to CellarPro cooling units, the autodialer will call up to 4 phone numbers - programmed in advance by you - to deliver your message that the cooling unit has triggered an alarm and/or has lost power.

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La Crosse Wireless Sensor & Gateway, #7275

Price: $90.00

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  • Directlly wired to the cooling unit
  • Calls up to 4 telephone numbers programmed by you
  • Programmable pauses
  • Tone/pulse dialing
  • 9v standby battery backup in case of power outage
  • Wiring exits from the exhaust vent
  • 5' Power Cord with AC/DC 12V Adapter
  • Condition:Brand New
  • Capacity:noinfofound
  • Size:6w x 4d x 1.5h (in)
  • Weight:2lb
  • Shipping Weight:noinfofound
  • Shipping Dims:noinfofound
  • Power/Rating:noinfofound
  • Warranty:90 Days