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HA2 Alarm Programming Changes

Support / Troubleshooting & Do-It-Yourself Repairs

HA2 Alarm Programming Changes

We recommend making the following programming changes on the control panel of your cooling unit. These changes will indicate HA2 alarms more quickly, and turn off the compressor in the event that the HA2 alarm is not addressed.

  • On the control panel, press and hold the "SET" and "DOWN ARROW" buttons at the same time for 3 seconds (the display will briefly flash).
  • Release when the display starts blinking.
  • Press and hold (again) the "SET" and "DOWN ARROW" buttons at the same time for 7 seconds (the display will briefly flash)
  • Using the "UP ARROW" button, scroll through the parameters until the following parameters are displayed (one at a time), then change them (one at a time) by pressing "SET", then the "DOWN" button, and then "SET" again to accept the change. The new value will blink 3 times after change is made, indicating that the program change has been accepted.
    1. "Ad2" - change to 20
    2. "dA2" - change to 2
    3. "AC2" - change to "y"
  • Once you are finished changing these three parameters, wait a few seconds and the cellar temperature will return to the display.

With these changes, the cooling unit will turn off when the compressor gets too hot, and then turn on when the compressor cools off.