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LA2 Alarm WITH Compressor Heater

LA2 Alarm WITH Compressor Heaters

If the LA2 Alarm is triggered and you'd like to lower the alarm set point, follow the instructions below:

  1. Depress the “Set” and “Down” button for three seconds until the display flashes, then release the buttons.

  2. Depress the “Set” and “Down” button (again) for seven seconds until the display flashes (again) on the display.

  3. Using the “Down” button, scroll until the display reads “AL2”

  4. Press the “Set” button to change the "AL2" setting.

  5. Using the "Down" button, lower the alarm temperature setting to your desired temperature

  6. Press the "Set" button to save your changes. The display will flash three times, letting you know the change has been saved.

With the compressor heater installed, your cooling unit can operate in temperatures down to -20°F. Please note: the cooling unit may lose efficiency/cooling capacity when operating in temperatures below 20°F, unless you have our fan cycling switch.