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P1/P3 Instructions

Support / Troubleshooting & Do-It-Yourself Repairs

Repair Instructions for P1/P3 Alarms

The rear of the control panel is attached to a terminal block which, if jarred loose, will cause the cooling unit to flash P1 and P3 alarms on the digital display. To address the problem, it is necessary reconnect the terminal block to the control panel, which requires removing the grill and the top cover of the cooling unit, as follows:

  1. Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet.
  2. Remove the cooling unit from the wine cellar or cabinet.
  3. Remove the front grill and top cover using a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove all the screws. Keep these screws.
  4. Inspect the green terminal block and attached wire connections as shown in the attached pictures. The four black wires should be secure in the terminal block. The evaporator probe, P1, is connected to terminals 11-12. The condenser probe, P3, is connected to terminals 9-11.

  5. Reconnect the terminal block securely to the rear of the control panel, as shown below:

  6. With the cover off, power up the unit to confirm the P1 and P3 errors have cleared. Use caution to avoid any contact with the exposed wire connections. If the errors have cleared, disconnect the power and replace the cover and front grill. If the errors are still present, contact the factory for additional assistance.
  7. Replace the top cover and grill, and return to the wine cellar.