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Breezaire Cooling Unit Issues

Breezaire Cooling Unit Issues

Breezaire wine cooling units are designed to turn on when the thermostat registers 2° F ABOVE the temperature set point, and turn off when the thermostat registers 2° F BELOW the temperature set point. For example, if the set point is 60° F, the Breezaire cooling unit is designed to turn on at 62° F and turn off at 58° F.

When a large number of bottles are loaded in the wine cabinet, the Breezaire wine cooling unit will run continuously until the temperature inside the wine cabinet, including the thermal mass of wine bottles, reaches 2° F below the set point.

During hot weather conditions and in extreme environments, the performance of the cooling unit may become degraded until temperatures cool down.  Breezaire wine cooling units can cool a maximum of 25° F below the temperature of the air at the top of the wine cabinet. For example, when the temperature above the wine cabinet is 85°, the cooling unit will not cool below 60° inside the wine cabinet.  Therefore, it is important to select a temperature set point that is achievable given the temperature in the ambient environment.

Good airflow through the condenser coils is essential to the performance of the cooling unit. The coils (like the radiator in your car) have fins, with small gaps between them. The gaps, over time, can become clogged with airborne dust and lint. This condition will impede heat transfer through the coils, and ultimately lead to warmer temperatures inside the cabinet. The warm conditions inside the cabinet will keep the unit running for long periods, until the set temperature on the thermostat has been reached.

During hot weather conditions, or when the cooling unit has restricted air flow (eg from dirty coils), the wine cooling unit may run continuously as it tries to maintain the desired temperature inside the wine cabinet.

Take the following steps to address Breezaire cooling unit issues:

  • Reset the wine cooling unit by unplugging it, wait 5 minutes and plug it back into the outlet
  • Change the temperature set-point to 60°F
  • Clean the condenser coils on the back of the cooling unit
  • Check the seals to make sure that the doors are sealing properly against the wine cabinet
  • Build the thermal mass inside the cabinet to reduce the cycle time spent cooling air / empty space. If you don't have enough wine bottles to build a thermal mass, use soda cans, water bottles, etc.
  • Keep the first 3-4 rows clear in the column directly below the cold-air discharge (front column only) to allow the cold air to circulate through the entire wine cabinet
  • Clear any obstructions atop the wine cabinet. If the wine cabinet has a grill atop the wine cabinet, remove it
  • Check the temperature of the air entering the coils at the back of the cooling unit. If the temperature is too warm, try cooling off the environment, at a minimum by placing a fan above the wine cabinet to circulate the hot air
  • If the wine cabinet is located in a garage or another "extreme" environment and the cabinet doors have glass windows, consider placing insulation on top of the windows during hot weather conditions to reduce the transfer of heat through the windows

If you continue to have problems, please submit our Cooling Unit Troubleshooting Inquiry Form and we'll respond to you by the next business day.

If your wine cooling unit no longer is covered by warranty, see our Out-of-Warranty Instructions.

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