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La Crosse Wireless Sensor & Gateway #7275

La Crosse Wireless Sensor & Gateway (P/N 7275). The wireless sensor transmits the temperature and humidity measurements over 200 ft to a remote gateway that plugs into standard modem or router (not included) via a LAN cable (included), and uploads the data to the Internet.

An online account (free!) provides a simple, powerful interface to view, interact with, and download the collected measurements.

In addition, receive one year of free email/text notifications if measurements exceed your defined range, the connection is lost, or batteries are low.

Package includes one wireless sensor and wet probe, gateway, LAN cable and AC adapter. Up to 5 wireless sensors (#7276) can be combined with one gateway. Batteries not included.

  • Capacity: noinfofound
  • Sizing: noinfofound

Price: $80.00

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La Crosse Wireless Sensor #7276

Price: $50.00

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Our advanced wireless sensor and gateway measure and record air temperature and humidity, and includes a 6-foot detachable wet probe.

  • Wireless sensor measures air temperature, ambient humidity and wet probe temperature
  • 6-foot detachable temperature wet probe
  • LCD screen displays temperature and humidity
  • Humidity range: 3% to 99% RH
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 140°F
  • Measuring interval is user defined
  • Up to 300 ft wireless range
  • Weather resistant case can be wall hanging or freestanding
  • Gateway and LAN cable plug in directly to modem or router
  • Free online account to view, interact with and download data is included
  • One-year of free text/email notifications
  • One gateway can work with up to 20 sensors
  • Requires 2 "AAA" Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Requires modem or router and high-speed Internet access (not included)
  • 1-Year warranty
Owners Manual (pdf)
Size of Sensor: 1.44W x 0.76D x 5.23H (in)
Size of Gateway: 1W x 1.6D x 6.6H (in)


  • Size:1 1/2w x 4/5d x 5 1/5h (in)
  • Weight:1.3 lb
  • Power/Rating:noinfofound
  • Warranty:1-Year
  • SKU:926-25102-WGB
  • UPC:757456087405

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Piece of mind with some annoyances

The system was relatively easy to set up with step by step instructions on the web site. Adding a second unit, made me run in circles a couple of times, but all in all set up is straightforward. Now I do not have to worry about my wines in the cellars off my garage. $150 is not much to protect thousands of dollars of wine. I probably need to play with the alarms and position of the sensors, because I am getting messages that the sensor is off line. I am interested in the temperature. The menu lets you set an alarm for maximum or minimum but not both, Fortunately, I am only interested in setting the max; I don't want the wines to get warm.

Wine collector

Sonoma County California