European Country Wine Cabinets

  • Display Cradle
    Available with all models
    Hardwood Construction - Finished and Sealed, Accommodates Multiple Bottle Positions, Allows Side-by-Side Bottle Display, Fits in Most Slots
  • Dual Zone Modification
    Available with models: 3800, 5200
    Dual temperature zones, Creates optimal temperatures for serving both red AND white wines, Easy control and display conditions in both zones, Modification includes CellarPro 1800XTS cooling unit
  • LED Light
    Available with all models
    Luminous Intensity Output: 166 Lumens, 6500K - 7500K White Color Temperature, 100 Degreed Total Angle Output Projection
  • Sound Hood
    Available with all models
    Results in 3-4 decibel noise reduction, Fits in place easily atop Le Cache upright wine cabinets and behind wine credenzas, Interchangeable exhaust vent plate, Sleek low-profile design, Made from light-weight, high-strength ABS plastic
  • Front Vent Hood (No Grill)
    Available with models: 1400, 2400, 3800, 5200
    Allows Le Cache wine cabinets to be placed in low-ceiling, built-in and alcove locations, Results in 3-4 decibel noise reduction, Made from light-weight, high-strength ABS plastic
  • Cooling Unit Filter & Frame Kit
    Available with all models for CellarPro 1800 Series cooling units
    No more coils to clean! Our filter frame has magnets to hold the filter in place, thereby trapping dust and particles before they gum up the condenser coils. When the filter becomes dirty, simply replace.