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BILD 1800 Wine Cabinet Medium, #2310

The BILD 1800 wine cabinet, packed and shipped flat, offers tremendous value and savings with many of the same features as our more expensive Le Cache wine cabinets.

BILD 1800 Wine Cabinet Medium (P/N 2310). With clean lines designed to fit in any environment, our BILD series wine cabinets are perfect blends of function and value. These wine cabinets feature durable, easy-to-clean melamine laminates on all exterior surfaces, double-pane tinted glass windows for thermal and UV protection, and advanced wine cellar refrigeration by CellarPro Cooling Systems. All panels are framed and insulated with high-density foam, and metal wine racks are efficiently sized to accommodate oversized bottles.

BILD 1800 racks are designed to rack 200 bottles of wine. On the left side of the wine cabinet, our wine racks include 10 shelves for Champagne-size bottles (6 bottles per shelf) and 4 shelves for magnums (5 bottles per shelf). On the right side of the wine cabinet, our wine racks include 10 shelves for Champagne-size bottles and 2 shelf for Magnums. In addition, bulk storage space measuring 46"w x 10"h is provided at the bottom of the cabinet.

Cooling Unit and Placement Requirements
We offer a choice of cooling units and configurations with your BILD 1800 wine cabinet. The cooling unit can be vented with top-exhaust, which will allow the cabinet to be placed 2 inches away from the rear wall, and requires 18 inches of clearance above the cabinet in a non-enclosed space. Alternately, the cooling unit can be vented with rear-exhaust, which means that the cabinet will require 4-5 inches of clearance behind the cabinet in a non-enclosed space.

Doors must be locked to ensure an airtight seal.

BILD wine cabinets require assembly. All assembly hardware is included with your purchase.

We offer a choice of cooling units with your BILD wine cabinet, which should be selected based on the peak temperature in the ambient environment, as follows:

Ambient Temp
Less than 85°F
85°F to 95°F
Garage / Commercial
Recommended Cooling Unit
CellarPro 1800 QTL
CellarPro 1800 QT
CellarPro 1800 XT

BILD wine cabinets should not be placed in environments that exceed 95°F or fall below 50°F. 1800QTL cooling units are 3-4 decibels quieter than 1800QT cooling units, and 1800QT cooling units are 3-4 decibels quieter than 1800XT cooling units..

1800XTS cooling units also can be used inside BILD wine cabinets for an additional charge. Please call us for more information.

RRP: $1,995.00

Our Price: $1,995.00

Shipping Information:
Curbside Delivery - $300 Flat Rate

In Stock / Usually Ships w/i 3-5 Days


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  • Choice of Melamine finishes
  • Tinted double-pane glass
  • Stainless bar pull and security locks
  • CellarPro wine cooling unit (made in USA)
  • Electronic Thermostat and Digital Display
  • Adjustable Humidity Control
  • Energy-Saver and Quick-Chill Modes
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • SB/0 Technology - Flush against the Wall
  • Top-vent exhaust
  • High Performance Air Filtration System
  • Universal metal racks fit oversized bottles
  • Low-heat interior light
  • Optional bottle probe
  • Five-year warranty on the cooling system
  • One-year warranty on entire cabinet
  • Optional Extended Warranty
  • In-stock items ship within 2-3 days
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Useful Information

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What You Pay For

Made in China. Assembly instructions are sketchy and often incorrect. Pieces are numbered, but some numbers do not correspond to actual pieces. Nos. 6 and 9 are not underlined to distinguish them. No guidance is offered to prevent vertical pieces from being assembled upside-down or backward, as you assuredly will do. The standard fluorescent light comes with an absurdly long (10') power cord. Design is poor, with lamp connector on its far right side, inside the right door, so that the interminable cord flops across front of power unit to reach the inaccessible, invisible plug-in, diabolically hidden in the extreme upper right corner of the left side of the cooling unit. Both doors must be open while you -- who had better be 6' tall, incidentally -- manipulate a flashlight with one hand and grope feebly with the other to fit the clumsy, oversized plug head into the unseen slots, which of course, like the unit itself, are jet black, just to make sure you couldn't possibly see them even with x-ray vision. After finally getting lucky on your umpteenth attempt, you find the excess cord draping uselessly, forlornly, and obstructively over the racked bottles. So I ordered the optional LED replacement, which is EVEN WORSE. Here the cord is a preposterous two-piece, with a connection that must be rotated just so to transmit power to the business end. This cord, too, is ridiculously long, but worst of all, THERE IS NO WAY OF INSTALLING THE LED -- NOT IN THE CLIPS USED BY THE STANDARD LIGHT, NOT ON ANY PREDRILLED SCREWS, NOT ON ANY ADHESIVE BACKING -- IT COMES WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS AND EVERYBODY AT LE CACHE IS EQUALLY CLUELESS. My advice: avoid the BILD 1800 entirely. Pay the extra for a standard, prebuilt model with similar capacity. You'll be glad you did (I have the 2400 also).

David Dunlap