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Press coverage, announcements and articles about Le Cache Premium Wine Cabinets.

Press Release: Le Cache Launches Mission Wine Cabinets

Arts & Crafts Inspired Refrigerated Wine Cabinets Create Optimal Conditions for Storing and Aging Fine Wine

Press Release: Le Cache Introduces CellarPro

Advanced Cooling Systems Provide Added Cooling Power, Adjustable Humidity and Extra Features

Press Release: Tune Up Your Wine Cellar

How to Maintain your Wine Cellar for Peak Performance

Press Release: Le Cache Launches Euro Series

Designer Wine Cabinets Create Optimal Conditions for Long-Term Storage and Aging of Fine Wine Collections

In the News: Akeena Solar

In Record-Setting Third Quarter, Seven New Commercial Installations Highlight Wide Range of Businesses Switching to Solar

In the News: Putting Wine in its Place

Many things in life are said to be "like a fine wine" - to get better with age. But the axiom is not as simple as it sounds.

In the News: What to Look for in a Wine Fridge

A basic wine refrigerator is fine for keeping bottles that you plan to drink within a year or two, but for long-term aging, collectors should consider purchasing more-elaborate units...

In the News: Best Cellars

It starts off innocently enough. You develop a passion for a collectible vintage, let's say a Ceretto 1998 Barolo Bricco Rocche, and before long your wine acquisitions evolve to the point where you're a full-fledged oenophile in need of serious storage...

In the News: Fit for Kings

Connoisseurs of fine wines can savor an array of options for storing their vintage collections. A growing number of homeowners are opting to include wine storage features – from decorative wine cabinets to elaborate custom wine cellars – as design elements in their homes.

In the News: Protecting Your Wine Investment

Wine connoisseurs understand that proper wine storage is critical. While ther are many wine cabinets on the market, almost all are offered as "stripped-down" versions.

In the News: Show Off

Le Cache offers a cabinet for all collectors, from the smaller 172-bottle model to the impressive 622-bottle version.

In the News: The Gods of Greenwich

Leeser’s kitchen housed an open-flame range for grilling steaks, Le Cache wine cabinet racked with 160 bottles...

Announcing the Quietest Le Cache Wine Cabinets Ever!

Launch of CellarPro Reengineered 1800QTL Cooling Unit:  Now  Even Quieter!